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HHL DIGITAL SPACE is where entrepreneurs grow

Who we are

The HHL DIGITAL SPACE The Digital Transformation Platform is a platform for digital approaches. With our start-up incubation program, we focus on early-stage start-ups with digital business models. Besides, established companies will get supported in meeting the challenges of digitization. In the premises on the HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management campus in Leipzig founders, entrepreneurs, students, scientists, and society can discuss and discover the topic of entrepreneurship and digitization.


Our vision is a future of empowered entrepreneurial minds who shape a better digital world.


Our mission is to encourage new business ideas, enable founders, and enrich the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

What do we do?

At the core of the start-up support is a structured 12-week incubation program. It focuses on validating digital business models regarding the “problem/solution fit”. Attendees will work on market research in four structured sprint workshops. Within the framework of these free “batches”, founders receive support from experts primarily in the area of entrepreneurship and the HHL network. On a final Launch Day, attendees have the special opportunity to present a pitch to investors, business angels, and experts. During the time of the incubation program, HHL DIGITAL SPACE uses an international network to connect the founders to potential mentors and missing co-founders.

What’s in it for you?

Bring your ideas to life with onsite experts powered by technology and business expertise and benefit from valuable and free resources in the vibrant ecosystem of start-ups in Europe. The HHL DIGITAL SPACE provides 24/7 available rooms on HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management campus, an innovative environment for creative collaboration, lively community exchange, and result-oriented development of the start-up idea – thus the ideal breeding ground for the digital start-up of tomorrow.